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the journal

The Dad of these sweet kiddos shared with me how important it felt to get some great pictures of his whole family together as his daughter is planning on moving to NY once she graduates. This really got me thinking about how the older your kiddos get the less time you get to spend together as a whole family, especially when kids start to head to college and work.

When you book your newborn photo shoot…it will be in the first two weeks of your sweet babies arrival. This is a time when it’s all still raw and you are not getting much sleep and if you have other children they may not be getting the most of you, which is what happens and that is ok.

As a lifestyle family and maternity photographer a part of my creative process is to use the dramatic backdrop of nature to enhance and add drama and interest my images, whether it’s a session at El Matador State Beach in Malibu or a rolling meadow in Ojai. When you book a session with me we’ll talk about where we’ll do the photo shoot as a part of our preparation.

What I want to let you know is, that whatever comes up with your children during our session together, I will be there to support you and your family every step of the way. I’ll help create room for your kids to express emotion, take a break, and give them choices which can make them feel empowered. Giving kids choices is one of the most effective ways to get them to cooperate.


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